Friday, April 18, 2008

The Finger

I was wrong; I'm persuaded that Obama really did give The Finger to Clinton.

Will someone be so kind as to drop me a line when we're done choosing our sixth grade class president?


  1. This is so stupid and so cool at the same time. Stupid, in so far as it isn't substantiative. But cool, in so far as if you can't say something substantiative, you may as well bait the gaffe-mongers.

  2. “Science without religion is science; religion without science is religion.”

    “There is no God in foxholes”

    Tor Hershman

  3. Unfortunately, I think this is all gonna get way, way dumber before it ends. Even if the Democratic candidate is chosen soon. Once it comes down to McCain vs. Obama or Clinton, then the media will really start attacking the Democrats while fluffing McCain. It's gonna be truly disgusting.

  4. Oh, did you hear about this?

    OK, now Clinton is officially pissing me off.


  6. DBB: Thanks. That was my original impression.

    The whole contretemps is beginning to irritate me on a number of levels.

    At the very least, even if Obama really did intentionally make a rude gesture, reporting regarding the substance of the campaigns — in a perfect world, or even in the enormous numbers of worlds better than this one — should be crowding out this relatively superficial issue.


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