Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miserable failure

Not the man (or not just the man) but the movie too was a miserable failure.

The Apostate agrees.


  1. I noticed you and your wife are similar in some ways. Im sure it makes for interesting conversations. Kind of reminds me of my wife, different in thought but similar in style. Thanks for the input on W.

    PS. my wife said youre a lucky man, your wife is cute.

  2. She's not just cute, she's scary smart.

  3. By the little writing Ive seen from you, I would have taken it for granted she'd be a brainiac.

  4. Ok, now Oliver Stone, he done the best movie ever, no one ever done such a lovely movie before.
    What the name of that then?
    "Alexander," i LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie, cos Oliver Stone told it right way, he understood what's the dream of the founder of me country- Sikander, and what's that then? Actually, it's the most beautiful of all dreams, this is to unite east and west, and this is what we are doing now, persons like me, born in UK but of Pakistani descent, we're just realization of King Alexander's dream. Another, persons are telling like this in UK, "Get out of UK cos and go home to Pakistan."
    Huh, maybe someone should tell them we are DIRECT DESCENDS OF KING ALEXANDER'S MACEDONIANS. So?
    So i just wept and wept and can't stop crying when i watched "Alexander," so his new movie is no good? I don't believe, cos it's like a media fad u can say to critize Oliver Stone, it's done without even checking his work and even "Alexander," got bad reviews- which is impossible to believe, cos i never ever seen a movie so moving, so lovely, so idealistic, so fine, so true so meanignful i was so moved in me heart i wept and wept.
    If only he had not died. Why did he die? Why?r
    I got Izzaht for mere raja Sikandar Dhul Qurnain, salalah alayhim wa salam.


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