Friday, October 24, 2008

To the Republicans and neo-cons

Take heart: all is not lost. All was not lost after Reagan transferred hundreds of billions of dollars of real, material wealth from the masses of people to the ruling class. All is not lost after Bush transferred ten trillion of dollars of real wealth to the ruling class. One or two more orders of magnitude and you can rule the world, with absolute power and privilege undreamed of by the most extreme caricature of a decadent oriental potentate.

You are revolutionaries, intent on making radical changes to the very fabric of society. Such a revolution always entails unexpected and unanticipated problems. Those problems require a period of readjustment, a time to "catch your breath" before the next push.

That's what the Democratic party is for. Obama is to your next leader what Clinton was to Bush: someone who will stabilize the last round of problems so you can pursue the next round of changes from a solid base. You'll lose this election. If you're smart, you want to lose this election. You cannot both solve the temporary problems stemming from the latest round of revolution and still keep your credibility for the next round. Better to delegate the task to the Democrats, because you can attack them publicly for the problems while they stablize the new state of society.

You're almost there; you need just one more big push, probably in 2016.

In the meantime...

You need someone like Sarah Palin, or perhaps Sarah Palin herself. A critical component of your strategy must be to hold the religious right as your base for the popular legitimacy you'll need for the next push. They're perfect: they'll never vote their own material self-interest. Promise them you'll burn gays and atheists at the stake and keep the women barefoot and pregnant, and they'll give you everything they own and work overtime to give you more. Sarah: Stay in good with the relgious right. You might run, but (unless Obama is already sinking fast and unelectable) make sure you don't get nominated in 2012. Keep your powder dry and run in 2016.

Make sure the Murdochs are on board. They are critical. Promise them anything and make damn sure you deliver. If you lose the mainstream media to the forces of truth and the interests of the people, you're doomed to wait at least another generation for absolute power. Or, worse the goddamned commies might sweep in and defeat you completely.

Using the mainstream media to push hard hard hard on Obama. Start on day one and don't ever let up. If Obama makes the tiniest mistake, attack. Block any attempt for him to do anything good. If he does manage to do something good, take the credit and attack him for preventing you from doing better.

Keep attacking the Democratic party for being communists, socialists, fascists, traitors, terrorists, atheists, child molesters; they should be both a monstrous, imminent danger to humanity and ridiculous figures of supine impotence. If a Democrat sneezes, accuse him of germ warfare. The attacks don't have to be reasonable, logical or sensible; if you have the mainstream media to repeat the accusations, people will believe — even if they don't believe any of the specific allegations — that Obama and the Democrats are not really "our kind of people."

You'll have a congressional majority in 2010. Like Palin, keep your powder dry: wait until 2014 and then pull out the last of the stops. Impeach him then. If you can, actually prosecute him. If you can actually force him out of office (even better if you can actually put him in prison) Biden will be an easy target in 2016. But even if he beats the impeachment, the 2016 Democratic candidate will be too compromised, too defensive to put up much of a fight.

In 2016 run your Palin. You must have the religious right; you cannot, like Bush pere, be half-hearted or wishy-washy about them. You must have someone like Bush who really is one of them. Don't worry, they just want authority; dress up your authority in their trappings and they'll jump off a cliff for you.

In 2016 you won't have to fool around behind the scenes like Cheney had to. The people will hunger for a strong leader; you can do whatever you please completely openly. Fire everyone who didn't totally, completely oppose Obama at every turn and put in those who will be 100% loyal to your program.

And then? The sky's the limit. You can do whatever you please, without fear of reprisal or punishment. Anything: your will limited only by your imagination. Since the dawn of human history, people have only dreamed of such unfettered power; you can achieve it.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Dude, you're bumming me out, man.

  2. Why am I imagining Darth Vader's leitmotif?

  3. Dude, you're bumming me out, man.

    Good. That means I'm doing my job. Or at least starting to. You have to get a lot more than just bummed out to start thinking seriously about a revolution.

  4. You folks are nuts. I'm furious with all you democrats for supporting a steal from the rich policy. Those who make more than $250K already pay most of the taxes, and punishing them isn't right. Obama and the democrats have so many big government policies--they'll tax everyone else more too. The 100-125K earners? You're next.

    McCain is old. His health seems good, but for how long? Gov. Palin wasn't a wise choice at all. I'm not saying McCain is wonderful while Obama is not--he's educated, articulate, and vibrant. But I can't vote for Obama when he's going to steal from the successful to increase welfare programs. He's going to make a sick healthcare system even worse.

    Being an atheist doesn't mean you're a democrat. I hate how all these atheism sites spend all this blogspace hoping for 50 percent taxes on everyone. Religion sucks--that's certain. But we need to choose the least awful of the two candidates, and that's not as clear as you dems make it seem.

  5. Anon: I'm not a Democrat, I'm a communist. If you think the Democrats are in favor of stealing from the rich, just wait until the communists are in charge.

    Being an atheist doesn't mean you're a democrat.

    Indeed. Sometimes an atheist is just someone with one fewer stupid idea than a theist.

  6. Those who make more than $250K already pay most of the taxes

    This is not so easy to assert. Those who make more than $250K might already pay most of the income taxes. But there are other kinds of taxes, especially the social security payroll tax; since this flat tax is capped at an income of about $97,000/year, it is impossible that those over $250,000 pay most of this tax. There are also sales taxes, property taxes, excise taxes and import duties, not to mention corporate taxes.

    Furthermore, a considerable amount of taxes are used to pay interest on the national debt; one would have to account for where that interest goes.

    Furthermore, an annual income of $250,000 does not put one in the capitalist ruling class.

    People who make $250,000 per year don't often leave retarded comments on obscure blogs, they're generally too busy making money. I suspect that if you took that capitalist cock out of your mouth, you might get more oxygen to your brain.

  7. Larry one more, show that the disengagement from Iraq around 2011 is a humiliating defeat, a 'stab in the back of the american fighting man' and organized treachery at the highest levels. These traitors got to be brought to account of course.We won the war- they gave it all away.
    Show most of all how there is a global conspiracy, just one enemy, many faces, but one enemy from the Chinese generals who seize Taiwan in 2012- to the immigrant barbarians within the gates, cos all world is united in hate and envy, out to destroy America cos it's god's most best country.
    Finally, show that there is no choice but to stand and fight, that we go down in one blaze of glory, that if we can not (yet) push back against the building hordes that encircle us, we can at least silence their agents at home.

  8. Hi, me name's Jaz and I'm a Communist.

  9. @Anon: Hey, that sounds familiar. Will they get to gather in large squares and have inspiring speeches with thousand of people cheering? Will they get to blame in on the Communists? Are they going to strike back at the world with a sudden lightning attack?

  10. It certainly seems like your dynamic is accurate for the recent elections - though I wonder if Bush has so soiled the brand of "R" for a generation that it will be hard for them to come back by 2016. And Bush really did go much further than the GOP had ever gone before, and they pretty much went all the way to pure PR and electioneering (and mudslinging) with no actual issues or agenda beyond that - at least none they could share with the electorate and still win.

    I think the GOP will find it very hard to come back. They really do think that the presidency is theirs by divine right - look at what they did as soon as Clinton got into office - they'll probably go psycho and screw up any chances of winning elections for a while. The party will be purged of all dissent and only the looneys will be left (though they already dominate as it is).

  11. Anon: Larry one more, show that the disengagement from Iraq around 2011 is a humiliating defeat...

    Brilliant! Absolutely!

    DBB: I wonder if Bush has so soiled the brand of "R" for a generation that it will be hard for them to come back by 2016.

    You vastly overestimate, I think, the memory and intelligence of the American people.

  12. Perhaps I do overestimate, but look at - that has electoral maps going back to 1860, and what struck me first upon looking at that is how generally, winners of presidential elections win by like 350-500+ electoral votes - but that Bush, both times, won by razor thin margins, such that one state (and either a 400 votes or 100,000 votes) would have changed the outcome. So apparently voters aren't THAT stupid - the Rove strategy barely worked as it is, and has pissed off so many people (or just turned people off the GOP) such that it may not work again for a while.

    The GOP is a one-trick pony with elections - "liberals evil terrorist muslim taxes" is pretty much the only thing they know how to do, and now that it doesn't work, they just keep trying to do it over and over to no effect.

    Sure, it is red meat for the GOP base, but that base is shrinking. And it turns off everyone else.

  13. DBB: I hope you're right. Time will tell.

  14. My opinion is that the jury is still out on (1) the shrinking of the GOP base and (2) exactly how motherfucking stupid and forgetful non-deranged Americans are.

  15. "Larry one more, show that the disengagement from Iraq around 2011..."

    You mean the withdrawal date of June, 2011 that was requested by the government of Iraq and agreed to by the administration of President George W. Bush?

    "how most of all how there is a global conspiracy, just one enemy, many faces, but one enemy from the Chinese generals who seize Taiwan in 2012..."

    Since John McCain hasn't committed to defending Taiwan either (something no U.S. president has done), it sounds like you want to belong to a party and swear fealty to a presidential candidate who doesn't exist.

    You're an idiot.

  16. James, I thought that comment was Jasmine playing along with Larry's theme...

  17. Yes, Steelman, that's how I read it as well. It'll be a very good Republican meme around that time, and the source is impeccable.

  18. James Elliot,
    I think ure right, i am some kind of idiot, it's really stupid of me to show how fascism isn't a foreign disease, but something that will, under the right circumstance grow in America. Forget Taiwan and Iraq- u guys already got Joe the PLumber and Tito!
    But yes, truly and most surely James Elliot, I am a idiot (retarded-fucktarded also).

  19. "During a 24 April 2001 interview with ABC News, broadcast April 25, President George W. Bush said he would do "whatever it took" to defend Taiwan from an attack by China."

    In fact, no American administration could live down the loss of Taiwan, even if legal niceties aside, America doesn't officially support Taiwan independence. It would be on similar with North Korea takeover of S.Korea, or Russia seizing half of Ukraine. U get it or no? i think no maybe.
    Not that me post was even about policy specifics.

  20. Jasmine: James simply failed to detect your sarcasm and ironic perspective. You're most definitely not an idiot.

  21. ok, i feel less tension now, if it's all going to be like bullying and stuff of me, again- even here- i think i will not write any more stuff, i just like to be left alone to write me stuff (in peace) and i don't like to interactions with people also (except u, Larry).
    i am jut sick sick sick sick of getting pushed around on line.
    ok then, bye bye, Jasmine

  22. I'll make sure no one bullies you here, Jasmine.

    It would help if you would use the Name/URL to identify yourself. The URL doesn't have to be anything real.


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