Friday, November 05, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (PZ Myers edition)

the stupid! it burns! Interview [sic*] with atheist PZ Myers: Pure self-parody
Myers can’t go three sentences without making a moral claim, but he denies objective morality. His whole worldview is a farce. If he really believed it then he’d “know” that Christians have no choice but to say and act as we do. After all, if the universe is purely materialistic then the molecules in motion would be the cause of everything. Nothing immaterial could exist.

*Even Egnor doesn't claim his article is an interview, which it isn't (but it's pretty fucking stupid too).

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  1. Another consequence of materialism is that if you aren't happy with what someone believes, and the consequences thereof, you try to change that by material means. You know, like talking to, ridiculing, praising and condemning various things.

    One of the paradoxes of immaterial free will type stuff is why any of the above do any good in changing people's behavior. If my free agency is unconstrained by any material forces, why would your causing air molecules to vibrate toward my ears change my decisions? All you can do is seek retributive justice when my immaterial free will does something evil. Of course, that fits in well with theistic morality, but that's hardly a good thing.


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