Monday, April 02, 2007

Yes, it was a prank

Yes, the "news" of Bush's impeachment was indeed an April Fools prank.

But wouldn't it be great if it were true? If we really were going to impeach this monster—not just to remove him but also to show the world that we repudiate his monstrous evil? (In my wildest dreams, he and most of his administration, including Cheney & Gonzales, are sent to The Hague in shackles and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.) Maybe someday the Democratic party will wake up, start acting like grown-ups and take their responsibilities seriously.

Commenter Casual gives us some links to actually make impeachment happen:

Impeach Bush: Do-It-Yourself

April 28 Demonstrations:

Find the pre-existing events here
Start your own action
Find out more about april 28th
Impeach Bush Resources

The Pranksters:

The Largest Minority (the brains of the operation)
Blue man in a Red district
Dead Issue (h/t for making the final draft convincing)
Truth, Justice & Peace
Welcome to Pottersville
The Osterley Times
The Barefoot Bum (petite moi)
Indigent A-hole
Revolt Today
The Apostate (Hi honey!)

All of whom are ending up on my blogroll.


  1. Unfortunately, I suspected it was a prank from the start, given the date, though I deliberately did not do any research just so I could savor the possibility for a day.

  2. Hmm, some Democrats appear to actually be growing a spine.

  3. Dude! you gave up the ghost! That's okay; Not so many folks were really fooled (though I think I had one fish hooked on my site). LOL!

    Thanks for putting me up on your blogroll; now I need to get off the duff and reciprocate.



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