Saturday, April 05, 2008

Any One May Respond?

Via Deep Thoughts' new Asshats feature, we learn about a new theistard. What's really ironic is that the blog is titled "Any one [sic] May Respond"; the blog, however, requires a Wordpress login. Nice start, moron. So I'll respond here.

Supreme Person: The supreme person in the life of an atheist is he himself as he accepts no authority over him for what he believes.

An Atheist Has No Norms To Live By: Atheists not only do not know why they are alive, but also they do not know how to live as they do not have any norms to live by. So each one decides for himself/herself how to live!
The first statement is accurate. The second is false; atheists live by internal norms, as well as extrinsic, socially, culturally and legally constructed norms. But yes, on the whole, we do decide for ourselves how to live. It's all about a little thing we in the West call variously "freedom" and "liberty". These concepts appear incomprehensible and frightening to authoritarian submissives, i.e. slaves.

Atheism Is Ideal: Atheism is ideal if one could be absolutely sure that there is no God.
This statement seems to turn on the meaning of "ideal". Theism would be "ideal" in this sense if one could be absolutely sure that there is a God and absolutely sure that one's beliefs about God's attributes, intentions, and judgments were accurate. "But who could be absolutely sure? On what grounds?"

To Err Is Human: Whether we are theists or atheists, we have all done wrong at some time or the other.

Atheists Are No Different: No one has ever lived upto his/her own conscience.
Yeah, so what?

That's enough stupidity for one post.


  1. I think it's actually stupider than you credit.

    "The supreme person in the life of an atheist is he himself as he accepts no authority over him for what he believes."

    This is a complete non sequitur. The idea that one should make one's own mind up doesn't mandate an attitude of personal supremacy: there are other people, of equal worth and importance (and often of superior - earned -knowledge in certain fields).

    On top of that, individual theists do personally have to make a meta-religious decision for themselves that they will accept the spiel of whtever religion - so the 'criticism' applies equally to them.

    Ditto, for the same reason, the comment that "each one decides for himself/herself how to live!"


  2. So each one decides for himself/herself how to live!

    This is a problem how?


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