Monday, April 28, 2008

Interview with Michael Edmondson

Bloggasm interviews Michael Edmondson, co-creator, with writer Matt Chandler, of the hilarious and multi-layered viral video, Beware the Believers.
At surface level, the video is targeting the atheists and scientists it depicts. Creationists and religious apologists have long complained of the supposed elitism of prominent atheists, and here is a two-dimensional rendition of the alleged snobbery. ...

But seen another way, the video is mocking those very believers. The characters appearing in the piece are literally cut-out, enlarged heads bobbling to-and-fro over dancing real bodies — they’re essentially caricatures. Viewed in this light, the video is riffing on the often-bizarre paranoia of creationists who think “Big Science” is actively trying to suppress scientists who don’t subscribe to some kind of mainstream scientific doctrine, e.g. evolutionary theory.
Regardless of its message (Edmondson says, "I hope no one over five years old learns really important things about the world through the song and dance of cartoon characters.") the video is smart, funny, well-written and well-produced.

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