Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The new self-hosted blog is up: The Barefoot Bum at barefootbum.com.

I'm not fully committed yet, so don't go changing your links yet. I won't be posting at the new site until I've looked everything over and become convinced its an improvement. The series on Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged is still taking shape in my head.

Even with db0 doing most of the work (thanks!), migrating is a non-trivial process. I don't recommend it unless a) your free system (Blogger or Wordpress.com) is limiting you or b) you enjoy messing with technical stuff for its own sake.

The top issue right now is figuring out the commenting system and migrating the IntenseDebates comments to the new site.

If you're reading the blog on an RSS feed, please use Feedburner: The Barefoot Bum RSS. It'll be automatically redirected to the most up-to-date site.

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