Monday, December 15, 2008


I can't blame Dr. Craig Blomberg for this vapid display of intellectual incompetence that ought to embarrass a high-school sophomore. He's a Christian, and he's spent a lifetime learning how to bullshit himself, and he probably can't tell the difference anymore. Commenter Russ nails this lightweight to the wall.

Please, gentle reader, keep this in mind: this is the best that the highest levels of Christian "scholarship" can do: A mishmash of Sunday-school platitudes riddled with logical and argumentative fallacies, lacking even the hint of a carefully reasoned thought.


  1. I wonder if delusional fuckwits like that Blomberg dude ever have "reverse jesus" moments on their deathbeds, when they realize to their horror that they have devoted their entire lives to the propagation of arrant bullshit to the detriment of themselves and everyone around them?

  2. What an appalling bad piece. His paragraph on the problem of evil was not just mistaken, it contained factually inaccurate information!

  3. I couldn't finish reading the piece. He goes on for so long about how educated he is and all the books he's read, and then he makes the old argument from personal incredulity on altruism. Apparently he forgot to visit the biology section of those libraries. Drat, even my high school's AP bio course taught kin selection! The information is not that hard to find at all, and it's such an absolutely fascinating aspect of evolutionary biology, too--much better than that inane refrain, that god is the only possible explanation.


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