Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best posts of 2008

Jon Swift is rounding up the year's best posts for the blogs on his blogroll, and I've been graciously invited to participate.

Reading through the archives from the past year, I realize I've written some pretty interesting stuff... well at least I think it's interesting. YMMV

So I thought I'd list the posts I really like from the last year. Here they are.

I have to pick exactly one "best" post; If you have any suggestions, please leave them in comments.

Rationality is not enough
Libertarians are retards
Say no! to abortion rights
How to sniff out bullshit
Agnostic and/or atheist
Tolerance and multiculturalism
What is this "election" of which you speak?
Metaphysical objectivism
Objective sensory input
On Forgiveness
Defining knowledge: Justified true belief?
Are you really religious?
Religion as literature

Fine Tuning
Process Reliabilism
Thought Experiments
I might be wrong
Ted Koppel is an idiot
Health care and wages
Enforceability and ethics
On labels
More on abortion and misogyny
Falling for propaganda

Progressive Conservatism -or- A brief guide to political ideology
The argument from moral knowledge
Peter Hitchens' hypocrisy and stupidity
The Paradox of Motivation and MESR
I shouldn't, but I will
The transformative power of atheism
Good religion?
Cherished beliefs
Thank God I'm an atheist
Theistic arguments
Special ethical systems
The inferiority of theistic morality

Defining racism
Intelligent Design
Property -or- The myth of the free market
Theistic morality and objectivism
"Deeper" atheism
Subjectivity, relativism and preference
Contra moral objectivism
Progressivism and socialism
Whining and complaining
Whining about discrimination
Naturalism and Supernaturalism

Unreasoning hatred of Bill Clinton
Pragmatism and the whole story
Ethics and free will
Misogyny and the democratic party
Enemies of science
The atheist critique of theology
The metaphorical interpretation of religion
Explaining color to the blind
Movement politics
We should not embrace moderate religion
Modal logic
Why the conservatives are winning
Catastrophe and revolution
A Critique of Communism
Atheism and reasoning
A Critique of Capitalism

Intentional Communities
Gun Control and the Second Amendment
Consensus, truth and reality
Absolute morality
Right-wing crap
One more time
The imprimatur of truth

Culture, metaphor and religion
First principles, redux
First principles of political philosophy
Offense as the foundation of ethics
Taking offense
It's the overreaction, stupid
On Speciesism
Should he do it?
Relativism and truth
Reasons and causes of belief

Pessimistic ramblings on reform
Communism and free markets
Religion and the Democratic party
Pragmatism and principle
Government interference
Market forces
More on peppers
Right for the wrong reasons
On rationality
Tainted peppers and spilled hot coffee

Reform or Revolution
Atlas Shrugged and Christian Eschatology
The reification of the collective
Slippery slopes

Private property
Reliable belief-producing faculties
To the Republicans and neo-cons
What we don't have
Junkie logic and codependency
Intuition and scientific thought
Just because I can't prove it
John Haught's intellectual and moral bankruptcy
It ain't socialism
The moral failure of figurative theology
Objections to socialized housing
Socialized Housing
Respect? Don't hold your breath
Communism and totalitarianism
Atheist or Agnostic
L'etat, c'est moi

Feminism, racism and communism
Skeptical epistemology
Reliabilism part 1
Picking and Choosing
Is atheism foolish or wise
Catastrophe, atrocity and ideology
Proposition 8 and universal human rights
Socialism is not enough

What makes altruism good?
Materialism and Empirio-criticism
Atheism in a nutshell
Ethics and law


  1. My personal favorite is Libertarians are Retards. Because they are!!!!

    Hey, Bum, Swift invited me, too. If you've got any suggestions on mine, shoot me an e-mail.

  2. True, it's hard to overcome the gem that is "Libertarians are Retards". So aptly presented :)

    I also like the "Property or Myth of Free Market"

  3. I thought I had a hard time selecting my own contribution.


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