Sunday, February 08, 2009


So some jesoid fucktard left a long comment on Theism and evidence. It's probably copy & pasted blogspam, but it perfectly illustrates what I'm talking about.

Yes many have proclaimed a similar sentiment many times in the past, but their errors have no bearing on today other than to lull you into spiritual apathy, and that too was prophesied to occur in the last days.
Yes, previous errors do have a bearing on today. If you've been wrong a hundred times, the hundred and first loses just a teensy bit of credibility.

If you're not a believer in Jesus Christ because you're an atheist, consider that the underlying impetus for your disbelief is most likely borne of pride and here's why:

When we die, if you as an atheist were right, then there is no upside or downside for anyone regarding the afterlife. We will all simply cease to exist

However if we Christians were right about our belief in the afterlife, then we will be given eternal life and you as an atheist will receive eternal damnation
Pascal's Wager is the Worst. Apologetic. Ever.

The intellectually dishonest and/or tortured reasoning used by atheists to try and disprove the existence of God is nothing more than attempts to posture themselves as superior (a symptom of pride).
Poisoning the well. I really would like to see some actual examples one of these days of atheist intellectual dishonesty and tortured reasoning.

Consider the following interesting facts about the bible that testify to its God-inspired authorship:
The commenter lists a number of "facts"; this is a perfect example of looking for confirmatory evidence, instead of looking for disconfirmatory evidence.

Well, am I getting through to you?
Not yet. Keep trying.


  1. I have trouble even imagining what it feels like to truly be apprehensive about some cockamamie hell and damnation crapola. It just boggles the mind.

  2. I think I'll be worm food.

    You think you'll live in Heaven for all eternity in blissful union with the greatest being in the cosmos.

    If you are at all being fair, you'd have to at least admit that I am the more humble.

  3. "Pascal's Wager is the Worst. Apologetic. Ever." Agreed...however, it isn't very often that people making the claim that he does have any knowledge of the fact that it isn't original thinking...I usually take a different approach in arguing my point with these idiots. Lets say that the atheist position is not only that there is no god but also that there is no afterlife (which I'm not sure is entirely universal but w/e). If the atheist is correct then the christian has spent a very large portion of his life, presumably at least one half of a day a week AT THE VERY LEAST, wasting his time. Also, if there is no afterlife then this is all the time we have...wasting it in such a way seems entirely idiotic...but then again, the christian doesn't simply believe what they do based on logical thought...they form arguments with a predetermined outcome...very fucking annoying...


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