Monday, February 02, 2009


I've been slack about posting and replying to comments. I've just moved to the Denver area.

I'm still unpacking and finding my way around the area.

I'll be posting and commenting more as I get settled in.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  2. NO EXCUSES!!!

  3. Beats my neck of the woods. Have fun and looking forward to some more interchange.

    I should warn you though, I am pretty retarded sometimes.

  4. Please, move to Cuba. Check out the gulags. Check in. Any communist should bear the sufferings of the least in the society and endure the true oppression which is absent from this free nation.

    Go to the gulag. Leave our nation.

    We need no communists here. Take your hell where hell is: go to the gulags of Cuba and check in there.

    You cry about "oppression". You don't know what oppression is. You are an evil man - and you care nothing for your fellow man and have no love in your heart. You are in hell already.

    Hell has come to Denver. It's in your soul - it's who you are - for you are a communist who can see no value in freedom or liberty because Satan has taken over your soul. You say there is no God. You are wrong. You are merely plunged into hell in your soul separated from all goodness and incapable of honoring the boundaries in which love dwells.

    Love sees one in liberty in love - but you seek to control and dominate all others because your soul is empty.

    Go to Cuba. Set us free from your spirit - it is full of darkness.

    You want me to be nice?? Why?? Only truth will set you free. You are in desperate need. You are in hell right now. To whom shall you cry out to be delivered from the hell within your soul?? His name is Jesus. You are not under your own control. You are being ruled and dominated by hell - and you are in prison... right now... on the inside. Sad. But your writings are an appalling display of an attempt to justify yourself, to deny what is good and true, and to force others under the oppression of communism.

    You're in hell.

  5. Gee, what a lovely comment, Grace.

    Funny that you quote the mythical Jesus. In Acts 1:1 there's a report of his (also non-historical) disciples abolishing private property, and sharing all things between them. Wonder if their "souls were full of darkness" LOL!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy Denver, BB. I went to college in SLC (just across the mountains) and enjoyed the skiing while I was there. I even drove over to your neck of the woods and went to Steamboat once (our snow in Utah was better than yours, I have to tell you).


  6. I find it amusing that a conservative Christian would have the gall to talk about freedom and liberty. Conservative Christianity is one of the most despotic and totalitarian ideologies ever constructed by the minds of human beings.

    Search as you will in my writing, you find nothing but support for freedom and liberty, and the opinion that only under communism can human beings enjoy the highest form of freedom of liberty. I may be mistaken, but there should be no doubt that I am sincere.

    I am — unlike yourself — no slave to any authority, neither Castro nor Marx.

    There are places and times where pure invective is warranted, but the poor opinion of a stranger, a stranger who proudly proclaims herself an ally of ignorance, superstition, tyranny, despotism and authoritarianism, causes me pleasure, not concern.

  7. DuWayne: Remember, only the mediocre are always at their best.


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