Monday, November 08, 2010

Atheist myths debunked!

Ben Pobjie debunks several atheist myths. For example:
3. ATHEISM IS A RELIGION: Not at all - atheism is not the sort of structured belief system usually designated as "a religion" - it is in fact a very narrow set of beliefs more properly dubbed a "death cult". It really ticks us off when we get lumped in with the religious, when our soulless blend of nihilism and masochism is really very distinct.


  1. Can atheism become a religion?
    Er, what about how it did in France after Naopleanic revolution- and it ended up like a kind of nature cult?
    What about in Soviet Union when it was described as "The Atheist Church," and was lined to Stalin cult?
    Isn't Buddhism essentially atheist?

  2. Can atheism become a religion?

    Anything can become dogmatic, even atheism. For a religion, though, I think you need a god.

  3. '...Isn't Buddhism essentially atheist?'

    I think a lot of influence for certain castes in Indian society has made it into more of a religion, or tried to destroy it outright.

    It's really interesting to me, and I'd love to know what this crap would have happens (just like with Christianity) if people never defiled their prophets(referring to just Gautama and Jesus) original teachings.

    'Anything can become dogmatic, even atheism. For a religion, though, I think you need a god.'

    I really like that, "Anything can become dogmatic." There should almost be a law that goes with it, 'if this number or more of people believe to this degree in these matters....' etc.

    I digress, off-topic as I believe this is, I'm not sure what original premise is.

    First visit, will check out more. :)


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