Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (moral edition)

the stupid! it burns! Why Should Atheists Care About Japan?
In fact, at the risk of sounding callus, why do atheist even really care [about the human toll of the recent earthquake in Japan]?

Oh yes. I know they do. There is genuine emotion being expressed by atheists over the scenes of people being swept out to sea only to be lost forever. I don't discount that at all. In fact, I imagine there are atheist humanitarian groups, with red Darwin fishes on the sides of vans, mobilizing this moment, setting aside their vacation time to spend two weeks in Japan to help the citizens who have suffered such loss. But, why? Where is the "ought" in their worldview?

The pure, anti-supernatural, materialism that shapes their view of the world and the history of humanity offers no true reason to invest such time and energy. Except maybe doing so for their own, altruistic purposes. I reckon it makes them feel good, or something; or perhaps, they think their efforts benefits the future for humanity, or international, cultural relations at some point down the road.

It's amazing how someone can actually list the reasons for something and then say there are no reasons. Atheists do things because we want to. Theists do things, or at least they say they do things, because they're forced to.

In just the same sense, I go to work, pay my bills and generally act like a responsible person even though my parents can no longer punish nor praise me.

But the stupidity goes on!
The fact that atheists who are reading this are hating me right now and their anger will be expressed through the comments some of them may possibly leave under this post, demonstrates the profundity of the disconnect between what they preach and what they practice.

Atheists "preach" to me constantly from their blogs and their "science" websites, that mankind is merely the chance product of evolution. A genetic organism ran by the "software" of chemical reactions that have been acquired from traits passed along to sustain the survival of our species on a harsh planet throughout our long, brutal, bloody path to becoming homo sapiens.

Yet, atheists don't practice what they preach. In a manner of speaking, they are sort of hypocritical. In spite of this underlying philosophy about humanity, when major tragedy occurs, we are to ignore such beliefs, become grieved over the profound sense of human lives lost to the point we are moved to act in compassion. But why should I if this is just the history of evolution taking its course as it has done millions of times before and allegedly will do millions of times again until our sun burns out and the earth dies?
Good grief. <facepalm> We don't do anything "because of" evolution; we don't not do anything "because of" evolution. Evolution has no more moral relevance than the law of gravity. How we got where we are today does not change the fact that we are where we are.

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