Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (name calling edition)

the stupid! it burns! OPEN LETTER TO AN ATHEIST or ATHEISM v GOD part 2
When you argue with a libby, that libby will probably start by calling you names. This is how libbies argue. They don’t have the skills to rationally debate conservatives on any topic and they know this so they don’t even try.
Sigh. There goes another irony meter.
Forget religion, this is about believing or not believing in god. If you're an atheist then you believe that all of existence is an error or a fluke or a random, errant growth; i.e. a mistake. It was not created or intelligently designed (by god or a creator) so it has no meaning or purpose to it. Nothing has any meaning or purpose. No purpose means no goals or direction to existence or life.
Except for some filler and a couple of rhetorical questions, there's an egregious error or fallacy in every sentence. He closes with this:
You don’t get it. It stares you right in the face, it’s at the end of your nose, but you’re blind. By that I mean you’re ignorant. Or maybe you want to be ignorant! Maybe you’re scared to face up to life’s rules and responsibilities?! You just want to be little babies and have mommy or the ninny state take care of you. In any case I don’t feel sorry for you, because its people like you who are screwing up life for everybody else. Please libbies, go back to Mars!

The libby’s response - name-calling.

Two irony meters in one post. Poe's law?


  1. Does "libby" mean libertarian? Sounds pretty accurate to me. :)

  2. I think he means "liberal".

  3. Regardless of the accuracy of his reference, beginning a complain about your opponents' name-calling by calling your opponents an insulting and demeaning name is what broke my irony meter.


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