Saturday, September 20, 2008

Atheism and atrocity

Was atheism the cause of 20th century atrocities?

Spoiler: "No. Don't be ridiculous."

[h/t to John W. Loftus]


  1. theObserver9/20/08, 3:54 PM

    Thanks for the link - I tried to write something similar concerning the Dinesh D’Souza article mentioned in that post, so I enjoyed reading a more competent answer!

  2. It should be noted that the author of said article (which voices some strange ideas about communism) is a devout libertarian.

  3. the author ... is a devout libertarian

    Indeed. I'm not universally endorsing every concept expressed in the article. His analysis of the lack of connection between atheism and communism, however, seems well argued and substantiated by the facts.

  4. Greetings, I'm the author of the article you've kindly linked to. I'm interested in any and all feedback, including these "strange ideas about communism" I may have :). I'm always open to correction.

  5. Robert, the article addresses only atheism in any detail. It's definitely the case that your opinions about Marx's and other notable communists' attitude about religion is in agreement with my own studies of the subject as well as my own personal attitudes.

    Anonymous mentions your "strange ideas about communism;" I myself see too little detail in this particular piece to offer serious criticism. Furthermore, such ideas seem peripheral to the main point, and any commentary would seem uncharitable quibbling.

    I've subscribed to your blog, so if you write specifically and at greater length about your historical and philosophical ideas regarding communism, I will be sure to read it, and I will proffer my honest (if sometimes less than temperate) response.

  6. Thanks Barefoot. I don't write a whole lot on communism nowadays, but comments on my article have spurred another idea about a possible connection between it and religion. It seems to me both also promise a utopian future, which gives people hope and motivates them to levels of effort they would not otherwise achieve. The Soviet Union had some impressive "firsts," which cannot be explained as the result of a fear-driven populace.

  7. The Soviet Union had some impressive "firsts"..."

    As did Communist China.


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