Friday, September 19, 2008


Blogrolls seem to have become useless. I'm thinking of removing them. I'll keep a reference to the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus and the Atheist Blogroll, but I don't see much benefit in including the list of individual blogs.

What's your opinion? Note: Although I want to hear readers' opinions, I make no promises that I'll actually act on them.


  1. I think your blog roll is too long to be effective. I might browse through a short list but a long list becomes background decoration.

  2. There's another pop up, comes only on this site, it's called 'cost of war'.com and it just appears and me whole screen glitches, freezes, very hard to remove, it just took me 15 minutes to sneak in underneath it. So i guess it's scripts and stuff, it is a microsoft pop up also, just hijacks me whole screen, tells like this, "Uses ure computer to calculate the cost of war which hasn't begun yet. cost of"
    So annoying!

  3. I've removed the cost of war counter. Thanks for the feedback, Jaz.

  4. Blogrolls should serve two purposes: to recommend to your readers the blogs and sites you are reading, and to give yourself quick access to the blogs and sites you like to visit.

    If you are finding that your blogroll is serving neither purpose very well, then you should probably cut it down or get rid of it.

  5. What AV said. My own blogroll is mostly to reduce my clicking to get to the sites I want to read. Sometimes my laziness is so high that I'll just have a link to a blog that I know has a link to a bunch of other blogs I read rather than adding those blogs directly, though I've stopped doing that as much.

  6. Blogrolls have a value that goes well beyond anyone visiting a blog from your blog - it's the link that is valued by Google in how they PageRank output. For that reason alone, you should retain a blogroll of blogs you believe should be more generally visible.

  7. You do a pretty good job of linking to other people's work, and commenters can always link to their blogs/websites when they sign in. This makes a blogroll a bit superfluous.


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