Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Myers on Satire

PZ Myers critiques Ebert's satirical presentation of creationism.
That's Ebert's mistake. He presented a plain statement of creationist beliefs with satirical intent, but that intent cannot possibly be scene [sic] in a world where millions say exactly the same things with sincerity.


  1. "...but that intent cannot possibly be scene [sic] in a world where millions say exactly the same things with sincerity."

    If the Great Flood answer wasn't enough of a hint, surely the fossil pic at the top of the article, which clearly features the imprint of a shoe, would have been hard to miss.

  2. As Myers notes, it's not good satire to simply repeat stupid beliefs. There really are cretinists so stupid as to say everything that Ebert said.

  3. Yes, and I suppose there are plenty of less than intellectually discerning folks who would take Ricky Gervais' commentary on creationism to be a scholarly lecture on biology. Perhaps Ebert's blog post, and Gervais' stand-up bit, are less satire and more of an intelligence test focused on critical thinking, found subtly humorous by those in the know?

    Maybe the satire would have been much clearer if Ebert had made a video of himself singing his post. Sort of the opposite approach of Steve Allen's old routine of reading song lyrics at lectern? Hmmm...probably just more tortuous.


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