Friday, September 19, 2008

What makes people vote Republican?

What makes people vote Republican?

The commentary is interesting too.

[h/t to Tim Kreider]


  1. Why do people vote Republican?
    Same reason people freak out when they see a spider. Now in UK, they found (using scientific methods) that people who is liberal- they don't freak out when they see something bad, nasty, horrible or scary- like spiders. Liberals are less afraid.
    People who vote conservative (same as ure Republicans), however, they react with fear under test conditions, so basically, republicans are more rattled, scared and more likely to jump onto a chair if they see a mouse.
    This was all reported in UK newspapers two days back (i.e. not something i just made up meself like).
    Dunno if this answers ure question.
    Ok, bye bye, Jasmine.

  2. An observation of mine happens to be that Republicans and others who insist on believing that conservative is the way to go are absolutely scared shitless that they will lose their right to control their women.

  3. I should have added that with 6.7 billion people on the planet, women being forced to bear children that they don't want, can't feed, and will suffer, that the need for men to create their own little village is retarded.

  4. Indeed. All oppression begins with the oppression of women.


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