Sunday, November 30, 2008

Communism on one foot

In the spirit of Rabbi Hillel, I want to explain communism while standing on one foot.

<deep breath>

Communism is the elimination of all economic, political, social and psychological relations of exploitation, and the implementation of corresponding relations of mutual benefit. The rest is commentary.


  1. for my money, that's the most convincing defense of communism i've yet heard or read. my only quibble is with the commentary...

  2. Yes, well, as they say in the computer business: the idea is simple; the implementation is... er... nontrivial.

  3. Indeed, the implementation is baffling me. It's the same problem that anarchism has -- we know that the central problem is the problem of power, which inevitably results in exploitation due to the hardwiring of the monkey brain that has a meagre 10,000 years of civilization overlaid on top of it, but how do we eliminate the problem of power without ourselves using power and therefore becoming part of the problem we are trying to eliminate?

    So the idea is a good one. The implementation... ah yes. Slight problem there :-(.

    - Badtux the Anarchist Penguin


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