Saturday, November 08, 2008

Reddit & Digg

Please don't submit my posts to reddit, digg, and those sorts of sites, nor to various carnivals. I'm simply not interested in submitting my work to the judgment of intellectually lazy morons.

Adding my posts to your shared items, linking to me, or responding to my posts, even critically, is fine. I'm happy with individual judgments, good or bad.

But the search for truth is not well served by voting down ideas you disagree with... or even voting up ideas you agree with.

Update: Oh! the irony! I'm getting a ton of hits from this post from twitter and friendfeed, whatever the fuck those are.

Update 2: Yes, I'm a snob. If that's a problem for you, go read lolcats.

Update 3: Seriously, if you're coming here from the socialism reddit, I'm just not interested.


  1. Though I understand in one sense, I still wonder just what, exactly, "carnivals" are supposed to be about in blogtopia.

  2. Indeed. I had a good increase in traffic when I first contributed to Carnival of the Godless, but my readership was then in the double digits. Near the end of my participation, the increased traffic was negligible; I suspect most CotG readers who find my writing interesting already read my blog directly.

  3. You're just *asking* to get Dugg. ;P

  4. If you know of a way to block page views from reddit & digg, please let me know.

  5. Harrumph. Maybe now I have a reason to switch to a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

  6. I never looked at it that way, but I think you have a good point.

    My blog is new (a thrilling day is 52 views) and it'd be nice to get noticed but really, good thoughts should speak for themselves, not rely on votes of acceptance. It shouldn't be a popularity contest.

  7. The best way to get noticed is to post responses to other people's work, link back to them, and see if they'll link back to you.

    Half my readership comes from when I insulted Andrew Sullivan a couple of times, emailed him and got him to link to me.

  8. i pretty much believe that you may need those social bookmarking sites when you are still new. im new, so i need them.

  9. If they work for you, and you need my blessing, you have it.

  10. Harrumph. Maybe now I have a reason to switch to a self-hosted Wordpress blog



  11. Btw, be glad that redditors and diggers don't frequent your site as this kind of "don't do" is the kind of thing they would pounce on. Unless of course you're smarter than I thought and this is all part of your reverse-psychology plan.

  12. They can pounce or not pounce as they please. What are they going to do, punish me by publicizing my blog and then saying mean things about me?

    Or not publicize me, which I'm explicitly asking for?

  13. Publicize you, submit all your articles (and keep submitting all new ones) and flood your comments.

  14. Eh. Worst case I'll turn comment moderation back on.


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