Saturday, November 29, 2008


Woo hoo! I got my first bullshit PC comment:
Also, why are "retards" not allowed to post? Are the opinions of those with developmental disabilities automatically inferior? For someone who claims to care so much about the downtrodden, you sure have a potty mouth.
presumably in reference to my comment header, "Idiotic comments will still be deleted, and I'll turn moderation back on if the trolls and retards return in force."

Let me make a couple of points.

First, I don't refer to developmentally disabled people as retards. They're not retards. Retards are people who, despite presumably ordinary mental abilities, say incredibly stupid things... i.e. the above commenter. (And shouldn't that be "differently-abled" people? Why the judgment that they're disabled and inferior?)

Second, the world is not going to magically become a better place if we just say all the right words, if we make sure no one's feelings are hurt.

If being dismissive and rude to idiots bothers you, go read a different blog. I hear lolcats is very inoffensive. Maybe if we post enough inoffensive pictures of cute cats, the bourgeoisie will suddenly realize the error of their ways and voluntarily create a classless society free of oppression.


  1. Second, the world is not going to magically become a better place if we just say all the right words, if we make sure no one's feelings are hurt.

    George Carlin did a great bit on this topic:

  2. I'm usually somewhat surprised when someone finds something I've said quote-worthy, but it's on topic so I'll take a moment to shamelessly self-cite :-)

    "Manners and civility are the grease that make the machinery of society go forth. Politcal Correctness puts the focus on word choice rather than intent, and is sand in the gears."
    --dosquatch on /.


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