Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I want to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory, and congratulate the American people on electing a black man as president of the United States, and dealing the forces of evil Republican party a substantial setback. These are both Good Things.

Tomorrow we can get down to the messy business of criticizing our new president and Democratic party rule, but for today, I'm just happy.


  1. America and race, big deal.
    What about Obama's promise to attack Pakistan, this is what we want to know.
    168 Pakistanis been killed in 17 missile strikes, we got terrible civilian casulties from the terrorism these strikes generate- including the Marriot bombing- but many many many other atrcocitys.
    So as ure all clapping each other on the back, u seriously think we're going to allow u to bomb us just cos he's black. Er, that's ure calculation- this is ours, President Obama, u come to Pakistan to kill innocent childrens here's our chant-
    "Black or not black- we shoot back."
    Never ever think we're like Arabs, us Pakistanis is made of steel.

  2. How little african blood does a man need to have to be black? If a man has a black parent and a white parent, he's still black. This seems odd.....

  3. Brian, he needs to LOOK black to BE black. People don't inquire into your parentage before they decide whether to be prejudiced against you for your skin color.

    Jeez. How hard is this?

  4. Yes, Brian, like being black and stuff, i mean, being black it's like X men, even if ure parents is normal, they have a mutant child- ure a X man.
    Now black is like that sort of, i mean, u can't be half white, but u can be black, cos u look black, u can't look half white.
    Now me, i am brown and stuff, i can't really tell i am white- or off white, i am considered like one of the X girls, this is why if i go to some parts of UK, people just look and look and stuff.


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