Friday, August 20, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (brutal reality edition)

the stupid! it burns! 7 Brutal Truths About Atheism:
  1. Your life has no meaning or purpose
  2. You are an atheist by virtue of when and where you were born
  3. You can never be certain that what you believe to be true is true
  4. There is no objective way to evaluate moral choices
  5. The most brutal regimes have been atheistic
  6. Human rights and equality don’t exist
  7. You will always be a small minority


  1. 7 brutal truths about theism:

    1. Your life's purpose is to be the tool of a cosmic, abusive father figure, like a hammer's purpose is to pound nails.

    2. Which of the thousands of gods you believe in is determined by when and where you were born.

    3. "Dad told me so," is laughable justification for your beliefs.

    4. Your "objective" way of evaluating moral choices is to ask the opinion of a single petty, genocidal (etc.) maniac.

    5. Theism has thousands of years of (ongoing) brutality as well.

    6. See 4.

    7. You will always have laughable beliefs.

  2. 1. Just because my life doesn't have a cosmically ordained purpose doesn't mean it can't have any purpose.
    2. You are an atheist by virtue of when and where you were born and your own decisions.
    5. Just because you don't believe in a god doesn't mean you haven't set up a way crazier system of worship.
    6. Human rights and equality exist when we choose to create them.
    7. Not where I live.


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