Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (omniscient edition)

the stupid! it burns! Christian Arguments Against Atheism:
The atheistic worldview presupposes the non-existence of any gods. ...

Strong atheism is complete denial of the existence of deity in any form... To date, there has been zero conclusive scientific or philosophical arguments that disprove the existence of divinity. One who professes to be a strong atheist must then prove that he or she is omniscient (all knowing).

Here is the contradiction. A strong atheist must deny divinity by attributing man with divine abilities.
For the record, there are two ways of looking at strong atheism. The first is just a statement of opinion: The strong atheist has the opinion that no gods exist; what supports or justifies this opinion is stated separately, and in individual cases might not be sound.

The more philosophically aware strong atheist says that she concludes from the facts in evidence that no meaningful, relevant notion of god she's ever heard about actually exists. If additional facts were to be discovered or a substantially new conception of theism were proffered, the conclusion would have to be re-evaluated.


  1. The presuppositionalist lines like, "the atheistic worldview presupposes the non-existence of any gods," always get me. It's a frequent claim among their ilk, but it's bullshit.

    Inasmuch as we have presuppositions at all, I'd expect a good thinker to try to minimize them. That means that you don't get to "presuppose" that the entire contents of the bible are true, or that god exists, or whatever. But, that also means that you don't get to presuppose the negation of all those statements. Both of those approaches are terrible.

    But, I've also never met an atheist that "presupposes" all sorts of things about religion being incorrect. Rather, they're generally conclusions, based on considering and thinking about the various religious claims, and looking at reality. And yes, they're conclusions that could be revised.

    Of course, I don't think that such a minimalistic approach is conducive to theism, and presuppositionalists probably recognize that. So, they try to misrepresent everyone has having a vast collection of basic axioms that they work from, in an effort to make it seem like their collection is justified (and then make bad arguments about how any other collection is necessarily contradictory). But, I think it's just that: a misrepresentation of what most people would need to take as foundational principles (assuming you think such foundations are necessary at all).

  2. Almost all atheists do not state that g0d does not exist!!! "the atheistic worldview presupposes the non-existence of any gods," is not correct. They do not BELIEVE in g0d and the theistards are not bright enough to produce VALID evidence for g0d.
    I am A-theist in the meaning of 'without g0d' or whether g0d exits or not is irrelevant. Everything I experience, see or sense says that if g0d exits S/He/IT does nothing so is irrelevant.
    Most atheists are not pissed at personal faith even though we don't believe, we are pissed by the BS politics of religion as the mad crowd of delusional half-wits try to shovel their BS down our throats.


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