Friday, January 14, 2011

Geoff on SuperScholar and Sam

Geoff notes that SuperScholar’s list of the 25 most influential living atheists includes only four women, the top at #15. Geoff doesn't think that'll make Ophelia Benson happy; it certainly doesn't fill me with glee.

But he's more concerned about Sam Harris, "commanding a $50K honorarium and traveling with an entourage that includes a security detail (for his criticism of Islam), Harris is the “rock star” of contemporary atheists."

Geoff snarks, "Not bad for a mushy-minded, one-dimensional, tendentious, Wilber-admiring Trojan Horse for the New Age eh?"

Don't be shy, Geoff: Tell us what you really think.

(I'm not a huge Sam Harris fan either.)

1 comment:

  1. his one dimension his criticism of Islam, the psychology plus philosophy of Wilber (counts as one?), the criticism of Christianity implicitly raised by Geoff when he cited Letter to a Christian Nation as one of Harris' two books, or one of his other recurrent topics not mentioned by Geoff, such as studying the neurology attendant to beliefs or criticizing organizing under the banner of Atheism?


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