Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (an-ecclesiastical edition)

the stupid! it burns! An Atheist Drops By
Anonymous says,
What a load of bollocks. Atheism is simply the non-belief in religion, not a page full of crap.
While this has the markings of a drive-by superficiality, I will address it. It is a common assertion amongst those Atheists in need of sound bites to support their belief system in lieu of concentrated thought.

Atheism is not non-belief in religion, it is a specific belief that there is no deity. Non-belief in religion would be an-eclesiasticism [sic], and is usually expressed in hostile terms rendering it to be Anti-ecclesiasticism. And in fact, to a high degree, I fall into those categories myself.
After this, I'll be retiring Stan to the same category as Ray Comfort: too consistently stupid to merit continued mention in this series.


  1. Barefoot, no, as George Smith makes that definition in his "Atheism: the Case against God for soft atheism whereas my hard/positive ignostic-igtheist atheism finds that no God can exist due to His lack of referents and His contradictory,incoherent attributes.
    My igtheism finds that as we eliminate one by one or all with Lamberth's teleonomic argument, He then lacks referents as Grand Miracle Monger and so forth.
    http:// Ignostic Morgan's
    http:// Democritus'
    I have other blogs at those portals
    Larry and mine is Morgan Lynn Griggs Lamberth
    Google skeptic griggsy, skepticgriggsy,naturalist griggsy, rationalist griggsy and inquiring lynn to see that I mean business that no God exists! I didn't have spell check to help me to proofread and some object to my style but others salute me.
    Have you analysed Atheism Analyzed or Subversive Thinking? The former linked to your blog.

  2. Sorry, I'm not at all clear as to what your actual point is here.


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