Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (reading comprehension edition)

the stupid! it burns! I don't often cite commenters for burning stupidity, but this comment from chucky-texas deserves special mention:
Your example of Boeing is humorously ironic; it's a private entity which started and grew without government planning. Central planning of "economic concentration" isn't a requirement for developing complex products or entire industries. These things evolve on their own and are fully manageable within private enterprises.

"The company's first government contract was not for airplanes at all -- but for 161 sets of pontoons for observation planes in service with the U.S. Navy."
The relevant quotation from the original post:
It's ambiguous whether an anti-statist using this definition objects to concentrating political power in general, or concentrating political power in some specific way. ... The first sense [i.e. objecting to the concentration of political-economic power in general] [poses the] problem ... that our modern technological civilization requires a considerable degree of economic concentration.

It's helpful if you actually read the post before you comment.

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