Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (covenantal edition)

the stupid! it burns! An Informal Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics: Part 42 – Atheism
The atheist will mockingly demand evidence for the existence of God all the while pretending as though she is neutral with respect to any evidence that is set forth. The Christian cannot allow the atheist to get away with this. Rather, it must be pointed out to the atheist that she carries the burden of proof. She is making the bold and arrogant claim that God does not exist, and should justify her universal negative. This is even more true with respect to the evidence for the existence of God, which she denies exists in any corner of the universe.

Of course, the atheist will scoff and explain to you, you ignorant Christian apologist, that atheism is not the belief or claim that God does not exist, but merely a lack of belief in God. She recognizes the impossible task of proving the universal negative regarding God and the evidence for God and is attempting to lessen the load on herself while increasing it for you. Yet, a hard atheistic stance toward the God of the Bible is implicit in any soft atheism, for the Bible claims that the Christian God is known by every person. If Christianity is true, then the atheist believes in God. The atheist should not assume from the outset that Christianity is false if she does not want to beg the question or carry a burden of proof.

We must ask what the atheist has as an argument against the existence of God, and if anything is produced, show that these arguments already assume that God exists. We must ask what guarantee the atheist has that there is not a shred of evidence in the universe for the existence of God.

Lots more stupid in the original article.


  1. Ah, childish mockery and plagiarism. Atheism at its finest. :)

    Let me know if you are interested in a Skype debate on atheism. It should be easy since what this author wrote is so stupid and I am in agreement with him.

    Thanks for the link to the post.

  2. I noticed that "razorskiss" responded on the CH website to the effect that you're being inconsistent by pointing out the stupidity of presuppositionalism (AKA "covenental apologetics"). Amusing stuff!

  3. Anonymous,

    I might be willing to set up an impromptu Skype debate with you... except you didn't leave any contact information! If you still want to do it, you can send me a message on Paltalk. My name there is "hatsoff".


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