Wednesday, January 09, 2008

National blogroll amnesty day

skippy reminds us that Jon Swift reminds us that Drinking Liberally in New Milford reminds us that Mike the Mad Biologist reminds us that the first anniversary of the terrible blogroll amnesty day blogroll bloodbath will be upon us February 5th 3rd.

My blogroll is always open, but in the spirit of the times, I'm actively soliciting reciprocal links. Link to me and (assuming you don't offend my delicate sensibilities) I'll add your blog to my blogroll. Post a comment to this thread telling me about it. I'll also actually link to you in the body of a post, so you'll get that heady Technorati boost.

On blogroll amnesty day itself (February 5th 3rd) I'll be posting my all blogrolls so Technorati, Google, etc. will "see" them. I encourage you to do the same.

Update: I was under some confusion about the correct date for Blogroll Amnesty Day. In a private communication, I have been assured that February 3rd is the canonical date.


  1. You have been on my Blogroll for ages in the "Top Self" section. And thank you for the link in this post!

    It is nice to see something that may have been viewed as negative for some being turned into a positive for everyone. It seems like this could have a possibility of going "viral," which would be a very good thing for anyone that wants to help bump left leaning views on the search engines.

    Connecticut Man1
    Drinking Liberally in New Milford

  2. EERRRP! (Excuse me!) I meant to say:

    "You have been on my Blogroll for ages in the "Top Shelf" section."

  3. Heh. One must suspect that you might be drinking just a little too liberally. :-D

  4. I added you to my blogroll, though you've been on my 'favorites' list for a very long time already - to be frank, my blogroll mostly was just my laziness device - I added things there I didn't have as a favorites or couldn't link to quickly through another link already on the roll.

    I do find it vaguely interesting that you list Aposate but she does not list you. It has ocurred to me before to wonder about that, but frankly, my curiosity really never reached the threshhold for me to take the time to do so. Heck, I don't even really care if you answer that now, not that I think there is any particular reason for it. (I always just figured she had a bookmark so didn't need to bother).

  5. Good grief, DBB, I can't believe I haven't yet put you on my blogroll. I assure you, the omission reflects nothing but my own incompetence.

    And I am on The Apostate's blogroll.

  6. To be honest... My favorite drinks (and pretty much in order):

    Chocolate Milk
    Coffee + Chocolate Milk + Brandy/Cognac

    More likely I would mistype from coffee jitters since I really don't drink all that much booze when I do drink it, NOW. Though, 15 or 20 years ago it might have been a different story... :)

  7. Ok, I must have really failed my spot check on Aposate - I have looked for your link there before. Not that I'm a master of observation... now I know I'm not. It is a good thing I'm competent in a few other areas or I'd be in real trouble.

  8. You have been added to my rather humble blogroll and I invite you to expose your delicate sensibilities to my blog, which is so mild you can soak your hands in it (except for the podcasts) and decide if it merits reciprocity.

  9. Your blog looks good. I'll pop it on the sidebar and post something on the main page tomorrow.


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