Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A funny kind of Christian

Giles Fraser calls Bush A funny kind of Christian and accuses Bush of missing the point of Easter:
The crucifixion... is the story of a God who deliberately takes the place of the despised and rejected so as to expose the moral degeneracy of a society that purchases its own togetherness at the cost of innocent suffering.
[h/t to Himself] That's an interesting interpretation, and I categorically approve of people calling Bush nasty names, but it is Fraser himself who appears to be a funny kind of Christian, at least in the historical sense.

Because, of course, the various Christian churches have been happily scapegoating the innocent since Christianity was adopted by Constantine as the state religion in the fourth century. Perhaps Jesus called forth a new society, the kingdom of God, "without scapegoating, without the blood of the victim," and tasked "Christians is to further this kingdom, 'on earth as it is in heaven,'" but this call was honored entirely in the breach, not the observance.

It is (sadly) Fraser — not Bush — who is the funny kind of Christian.

Fraser is, of course, the better kind of Christian, but to find him better requires human, not divine, morality and conscience. Not only do we not need God to scapegoat his son to disapprove of scapegoating, it didn't even work!

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