Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain and Lieberman

I'll bet $100 total, donated to the charity of the winner(s) choice, that John McCain will name Joe Lieberman his running mate.

If you want to cover my bet, in whole or part, comment here by midnight Sunday. I'll pay double if you also correctly name McCain's actual choice, but if it's really Lieberman, then you have to pay double.


  1. Except for the fact that McCain and Lieberman have been fellating each others' egos and penises for years, Lieberman doesn't bring anything to McCain.

    But I'm not a betting man.

  2. Lieberman doesn't bring anything to McCain.

    Except the illusion of "bipartisanship", which will play well in the commercial media.

  3. Lieberman has already ruled out that possibility:

    I will take your bet still though! :) Personal checks are accepted.


  4. So you'll cover the bet?

    They payoff, as I mentioned in the article is to your favorite charity, and no, the Bruce63 benevolent fund does not count as a charity.

  5. Brian63, not Bruce63, and damn you for not recognizing the Friends of Brian63 Foundation!

    So, you think Lieberman will change his mind if offered the job?

    If you are serious, then yes, I will seriously take up the bet.

    If it is not too late to make my guess for his VP choice, I will guess he will go for a strong conservative to shore up his base. He probably thinks he already has the moderates/independents in the bag with his own appeal, and so does not need Lieberman for it. He instead has trouble with his base. I do not have a specific individual in mind, but can by the end of the week if that is not too late.


  6. The original bet was closed by the end of the day Sunday. However, if you want to propose an alternative by the end of this week, I'll look at as a separate bet, and evaluate it on its own merits.

    I think you have McCain's thinking backwards. He'll count on the base; he needs shoring up with the conservative Dems.

  7. How 'bout this one:

    I think McCain will not choose someone who is a Caucasian male, but will instead go for someone of a minority status to help offset the appeal of the Dem ticket.

    So I will donate $50 to your favorite charity if I am wrong and McCain does pick a Caucasian* male (which Lieberman happens to be), and you give $50 to my favorite charity if I am right and he goes for something other.

    *Note that picking a Hispanic then would be different than picking a Caucasian, as sometimes people conflate the two erroneously.

    I do think that he will go for someone more conservative than he is as a matter of strategy to help shore up the GOP base whom is unenthusiastic, or even hostile, towards him (remember that he got *booed* at CPAC earlier this year).

    At the IIDB I made some more specific predictions about the characteristics I think his choice will have, and for fun even threw out a couple of names:


  8. Brian63, not Bruce63

    D'Oh! Sorry.

    I think McCain will not choose someone who is a Caucasian male, but will instead go for someone of a minority status to help offset the appeal of the Dem ticket.

    Interesting. Let me think about it.

    Sadly, I don't have a valid login on IIDB, so I'm unable to read the thread.

  9. It's not a bet I would like to cover Larry, you could well be right, lets face it who better than this pair to hurry the end times along?

    Vote McCain Lieberman and realise your rapture.

    Quite a catchy jingle no?


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