Tuesday, March 04, 2008

PhysioProf rocks

Hey, Barack: FUCK YOU and The Horse You Rode In On:
All this happy horseshit about “both sides of the aisle want the same things” and “it’s not about liberal and conservative; it’s about what’s best for America” is (1) a complete fucking lie that could have been written by Carl Motherfucking Rove and (2) totally fucking inept electoral strategy if Democrats want generational political power, like the Republicans have enjoyed for 30 years.
My sentiments (almost) exactly. I would add only that it's a totally fucking inept electoral strategy to prevent the Republicans from turning the United States into a totalitarian theocracy, or even to secure Obama a second term.


  1. What's funny is that Obama is totally stealing Bill Clinton's "Third Way" of American politics.

  2. Bill Clinton is the finest conservative president we've had since Eisenhower.

  3. Glad you liked it! We aim to keep our customers satisfied!


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