Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (autistic edition)

the stupid! it burns! Poking Fun at Militant Atheists
Ridiculing the less intellectually endowed is rather small-minded and cruel, not to mention a sign of insecurity. Skewering those who routinely dismiss those with whom they disagree as stupid is fair game.

[The remainder of the post consists of quotations from commenters on this thread; I've omitted the attributions.]

[Richard Dawkins is] "the intellectual equivalent of the college freshman who ended up getting a C in his philosophy class because he kept being a smart ass." ...

"I find atheism to be a perfectly acceptable religion for the average adolescent male. No responsibility, no inconvenient connection between one’s observations of reality and metaphysics, no attempt at a large connection between ethics and origins. But, unless one has an arrested intellectual, emotional, or spiritual development, one must eventually grow up." ...

"Folks who have illogical hate for religion latch on to any moron that has the gumption to 'take on' organized religion... Since most folks have decided not to bother to learn how to think, some ignoramus who can use big words and pseudo-science becomes their idol."

"Whoever wants to know what the serious objections to Christianity are should ask us. The unbeliever makes only stupid objections."

The best description of these so called New Atheists has been to call them 'social autisitics.' They simply have no clue that what they are saying is laughable, has been said much better a thousand times before, and that it is all demonstrably false."
Yet another irony meter bites the dust.


  1. Look, smartass, I didn't diss Dawkins because he is an atheist. There are plenty of smart and witty atheists who I respect and admire: Marx, Freud, Lacan, Zizek, Foucault, Camille Paglia, and so on. Dawkins is just a two bit dilettante. I would like to elaborate, but I like to waste my time on blogs that people actually read.

  2. Well Larry whoever this guy is he is 100% wrong...The last time I checked I am 'people' (my mom insisted we did not come from another planet) and I read your blog. And most of your posts are pretty interesting. The reason many do not post comments is TIME. If I commented on every post I read I'd have to give up sleep, eating, and sex. And there is no way I'm giving up a good meal!


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