Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (knee-jerk edition)

the stupid! it burns! The New Atheism: Conclusion
The new atheists come at their topic being unfamiliar with the arguments hoping to prey on a people who are unsuspecting and do not know why they believe what they believe well. It is banking on the ignorance of man. ...

The problem with the new atheists is not only that they do not know theism. I also do not think they know atheism. An atheist like Nietzsche if he were around today would be tough as nails on the new atheists. He would tell them to get rid of this silly idea they have of morality being a reality apart from God. ...

The new atheists pull ideas of morality and truth out in the air without anything to support them. In this, they make the same error Christians can make. They do not argue at the level of presuppositions. They argue at the level of application. They take as a given morality and objective truth and the knowability of the world through rational means. They do not give a framework for these. ...

I see [atheism] more as a knee-jerk reaction to a theism that is not satisfying, and that is the fault of those of us who are Christians at times as well.
At times?

1 comment:

  1. Multiple face palms to put out the stupid flames!
    ...Pulls morality out of thin air with NO support.. My irony meter just went up in flames!
    ..Knee jerk to theism...what!? I and may other atheists got there after exploring many types of theism..How many did he try before settling on what ever he is??


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