Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (I dare you edition)

the stupid! it burns! Dear Atheist, I don't understand you
The Atheists’ beliefs:

Man evolved from a single-celled organism. We have no idea where this organism came from, or why the Big Bang happened, but for sure God didn’t cause the Big Bang, because there is no God. Anyway, back to the organism. We are descendants of a primordial protoplasm that washed up on some beach billions of years ago for whatever reason. We are merely products of time, chance, natural forces and natural selection. Our existence here is arbitrary. We exist on a planet in a solar system inside of a rapidly expanding but meaningless universe. We are purely biological, and different in degree but not in kid from a microbe, virus, or amoeba. Your capacity to love, to think, to reason unlike any other being on earth--this is all explained by science. The fact that no two people on earth have the same fingerprints, the complexity and intricacy of the human cell and the human brain, the millions of species of plants, animals, and fish; the way the world works--all of this happened purely by chance. Darwinian theory has a lot of holes in it--but who cares? It makes more sense than any idea of “God.” Science proves that God doesn’t exist!! You have no soul or spirit; no essence beyond your flesh. When you die, you will cease to exist. You have no purpose. In short, you came from nothing and you are headed nowhere. ...

Still in doubt? Watch the series ‘Life’ on the Discovery Channel (ignoring the fact that Oprah’s voice lessens the enjoyment) and then come back and tell me that there is no God. I dare you.


  1. So, his god is required to explain why everyone has different fingerprints? Why did it even bother with that? So that we would eventually be able to use the fact to better solve all the murders, rapes, etc. that it is incapable of preventing?

    This sort of argument is borderline self-condradictory. "Check out all this amazing stuff in nature," and at the same time, "but if it's purely natural stuff, isn't not amazing, so we need this magic dude I believe in to maintain its amazingness." Actually understanding anything is boring nerd shit, I guess.

  2. So, his god is required to explain...

    Her god. The author is a woman.


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