Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (angry at god edition)

the stupid! it burns!
The CNN article title [Anger at God common, even among atheists] falsely implies, “Even atheists” get mad at God.” When the article itself clearly states that the article SHOULD be titled, “Atheists get the MOST mad at God.”

Because that damn nonexistent being who isn’t even real just pisses them off to no end.

You’ve got to love how science and research just keeps demonstrating the truth of Scripture. ...

Deep down, atheists know the same thing the rest of us do. They’re just too dishonest – even with themselves – and too bitter to admit what they know. And so they just keep suppressing and suppressing the truth.
The referenced study has not been published; an article on CNN does not constitute "science and research". Dr. Exline's present studies, one of which seems similar to or an expansion of the referenced study, asks questions not just about respondents' beliefs about God but also about their beliefs about popular opinions of God, or (as the CNN article mentions) a "hypothetical image... what they imagined God might be like."

(link to Dr. Exline's studies via ERV)

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  1. Let's suppose all atheists actually believed in god, deep down. All that would mean is that atheists have the same unjustified belief in this entity that theists do, but deny it. It would not mean that that belief is actually justified, for either the theist or atheist.

    So, why a theist would be excited about this, I don't know. "We shouldn't believe P because it's unjustified." "You do believe P! Hah!"


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