Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (POW edition)

the stupid! it burns! Atheist Alert: Do NOT Read This Book! “Unbroken”
[Laura Hildebrand's novel, Unbroken] would be a fantastic book for atheists to read, because it would challenge some of their cherished assumptions about Christianity. ...

Atheists offer many reasons why they think belief in God is not plausible, but one of their favorites is the old how could God let some tragedy happen. For some reason they think that makes the incomprehensible more comprehensible. Of course it does no such thing, but they prefer tragedy without God. For Louis his response to seeing and experiencing unmitigated evil every day for over two years [as a prisoner of the Japanese during WWII] was to plead to God for deliverance; seeing his comrades dying all around him, all the suffering and destruction of post Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan didn’t make him doubt God’s existence. ...

Isn’t it interesting how evil can lead some people to God and others away. At least Christianity offers us an explanation of why it exists and an ultimate solution for how it will eventually be banished. Atheism, not so much.

Ultimate solution? <facepalm>


  1. Yes, this book about how this alleged god ignored this guy's prayers for over two years is certain to make me change my tune.

  2. Why did something terrible happen to me when I was just minding me own business in the street?
    Why did I get ocd's and have mental breakdown?
    Why did Parveen get taken from me?
    What did I get Parkinson's disease?
    Why am... I u know? (afflicted of rong desire)
    The more you ask, the more you think.

  3. Indeed. The idea that a conscious being has intentionally created or permitted my suffering for some "higher" purpose is not just ridiculous but obscene.


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