Saturday, June 14, 2008

The law of fives

Here's a challenge to my fellow bloggers who continually, obsessively post about the state of creationism in both politics and religion.

Spend one week–just one full week — that's all I ask — actively looking for the number 5. Focus on the number 5. Look for the number 5 everywhere you go, everywhere you are, during everything you do.

Here’s a prediction: if you look diligently, you will quickly (probably within just the first few hours), observe that the number five is freaking everywhere. Observing fives is the direct result of our facility to identify patterns and fixate on any random thing, event or idea, coupled with that incredible human facility to anthropomorphically and ubiquitously apply subjective meaning to literally anything we desire to correlate.

The point? Certain individuals involved in politics and religion are indeed creationists, but not all such people are inherently or even necessarily so. Some people have speech patterns that are actually derived from habit and are otherwise innocuous. But if all you do is spend your time looking for examples of creationism, you’ll find them. And if, frankly, you conduct this search so ineptly as to ignore societal speech patterns and mannerisms, you’ll find yourself believing even that many scientists are creationists. But of course, being hyper-focused on the religious, you completely ignore the same phraseology and verbiage coming out of the mouths of scientists, even well-respected scientists. And as a result, the assertion that these politicians and religious leaders are inherently creationists simply by virtue of how you interpret what they say is a) puerile, b) self-defeating, and c) well beneath the level of intelligence you otherwise exemplify.

And if you’re really worried about confronting/combating creationism, you might try doing something other than jumping up and down and throwing a temper-tantrum about it like a three-year-old... altar boy.

(Inspired by commander other's cretinist-level fucktarded stupidity)

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