Thursday, June 05, 2008

Other people have opinions!

Shorter Katie Kish [Google cache*]: Like, OMG! some atheists have, you know, opinions that I don't share. That's like SO ANNOYING! OMG!

(h/t to Larry Moran)

*Thanks, Micah!


  1. Everytime I click that link Firefox blocks it as an "attack site".

  2. It must be you, Fry. My Firefox works fine.

  3. From her post (at the point I stopped reading):

    I’ve exacerbated my energy toward many things and am focusing on more central ones.

    She needs some fucking remedial English!

  4. You know, that post was really just the kind of self-gratifying verbal masturbation that permeates the blogosphere. It's not objectionable, but it's not really interesting, either.

  5. Clicking on the link got me a warning from Oe that "visiting this site may harm your computer."
    Guess there is some problem on the site?

  6. As I noted on Friendly Atheist, the comments on her own blog are systematically much more positive than the ones on other blogs. This leads me to believe that the people on other blogs either did not read the whole thing, or have misconstrued the tone. The tone is tongue in cheek, not anger. Oh, look, she said so herself.

  7. I didn't find it angry, insulting, or whatnot. Just boring.

  8. I didn't find it angry, insulting, or whatnot. Just boring.

    You forgot vapid and narcissistic.

  9. It's blocked for me too (I'm on Firefox 3 Beta 5). This page has the info.

    For others having similar problems, there's always the Google cache.

  10. I found the post a bit confusing. First I thought the author was a theist, than saw the Scarlett A and didn't know what to believe.

    Still left a long, but confusing comment on her site. Thanks for the link!

  11. lol - i get why people think

    a) i need english lessons (english is my second language, after all. but i think im doing quite well.)

    b) i'm boring - i've never claimed to be interesting nor have i ever encouraged people to read my writing because it's more for myself than for anyone else

    c) i might actually be a theist

    but narcissistic? ...

    That's the first time I've gotten that one.

    As i've stated at a few other places along the way - I run, am on the executive for and heavily participate in a multitude of secular organizations. Sometimes they (well - the people who I have to deal with day in and day out within them) get on my nerves.

    this was a rant.



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