Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yet another reason...

Here's yet another reason I'm no longer a member of the Democratic party.

The Democratic party will not get my vote by default. I will not choose the lesser of two evils. I will not vote for misogyny. I will not vote for a conservative, even if he's not batshit crazy. I will vote for a good candidate, even if I have to write him or her in.

A democracy is not supposed to be about choosing between completely fucking stupid and evil, and only slightly less stupid and evil. That's bullshit framing and I refuse to be sucked into it as if I were making a serious decision.

If you don't like it, work on giving me better choices. And don't tell me that it's my responsibility to create better choices. Fuck that. I'm not rich, I work for a living, I vote, I pay my taxes and I speak my mind. My duties as a citizen end there.

There are a million people in this country who want to lead, who have the talent, ability and means to shape the discourse and frame the discussion. I am not one of them. They want the power, they want the responsibility; they can bloody well exercise that responsibility if they want my support at the ballot box.

If McCain wins, he wins. If I end up not voting for Obama, I will gladly accept my 1/100,000,000 responsibility for that win. If it takes yet another batshit crazy whackaloon driving our nation into the ground to change the framing and shape of our national discourse, then that's what it takes.

I'm just a snowflake in the avalanche. All I can do is push in the direction I myself want to go. I'm not going to push in a direction I don't want to go simply because 50,000,000 deluded fucktards want to go in a direction that's even worse.

(h/t to The Apostate)


  1. I think the mistake you are making is in thinking that we have a fair system and an actual democracy.

    We don't. We have a corporatocracy. Until and unless we have campaign finance reform and free access for all candidates to the media we will continue to have the current system of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Or in a really wild election year, three.

  2. I most definitely do not think we have a fair system and an actual democracy.

    I'm not going to continue to take personal responsibility for the outcome of a rigged system. I'd rather take personal responsibility for voting my conscience.

  3. I think your desire for a presidential candidate who is not a total fucking wackaloon nutjob is doomed. I just posted on this exact topic.

  4. Well, yes, but...
    Sometimes you really do have to choose between the lesser of two evils.
    The idea that another war-crazed right-wing nutjob will spur the American population into changing the entire political system is just wishful thinking.
    If that's not happening now, what could McCain possibly achieve that would be so much worse that it would galvanise the necessary opposition?

  5. Fortunately I live in California where my vote is completely irrelevant.

    And remember that alot of Democrats fought wars because they wanted to look tough compared to the "war crazed right wingers"- Johnson is the most notorious example.

    I mean, even Barry Goldwater said he wouldn't do anything differantly!


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