Saturday, June 28, 2008


Anyone have any idea what these folks are saying about me?
Sa zicem ca vreun tip din Miorita îsi va face sau deja a facut un blog


Stilu' . Cum este aceasta idee receptata de restul comunitatii?


  1. “Mioriţa (The Little Ewe) is an old Romanian pastoral ballad and considered one of the most important pieces of Romanian folklore.”

    According to the Romanian to Englash translator at :

    “To say that any type of Miorita his will or already has made a blog ... Stilu ' How is this idea receptata rest of the community?”
    This is clearly not a really good translation, but I gather he wants to know how well you’re received by the rest of your community.


    “…We may venture to state that in our case the history of the Romanian people is the Sender. Thus, a clue as to the starting point of this ballad is given by times when the shepherd that did not account for his duties and obligations towards his flock was put on trial according to a shepherd’s code and condemned to death (Fochi 1987))….”
    If I get it right, a Miorita may be looked upon as someone who didn’t watch out for his sheep very well. ??????? Okay, I'm just guessing.

    So, are you not watching out for us sheep, you Miorita, you?

  2. Wow, there's quite a bit of derision in there then, eh anfractuous?

    Apparently he's critiquing atheist bloggers like BFB as inadequate leaders just sending us to hell, by implying he's trying to play the part of a shepherd (read: clergymen), but since he's only an internet personality he has no clout and we're off to slaughter regardless of his efforts.

    That is if the Mioriţa is the shephard.

    Else, maybe BFB criticized an 'new atheist leader' and he's the conniving little ewe.

  3. Thanks, Anfractuous. I tried a Romanian translator (obviously a different, inferior one) and it didn't give me any results.

    Foreign languages are not a strong suit.

    Me any kind of leader at all. Very funny!

  4. I’m not so sure you should assume the worst about this site. I went back to it and looked at it again. I used Google to translate the whole web site this time -

    The post is from a forum seeking partnerships for various reasons – mostly for selling Romanian goods and services in other countries. Perhaps they’re looking for a partner for an exchange of ideas or ??? Why don’t you write to them and see? How could it hurt? Maybe you could even become our ambassador for atheist good will. Just a thought, er, guess, er wild shot in the dark, er complete air ball, er oh just shut me up.

  5. I would probably help if I spoke Romanian.

  6. Hi,
    the author of the post is asking the community of that site, what they think of your kind of blog. He use the name of "Miorita" to identify the persons living in Romania, the web site is mainlly used by romanian expart living in France.

    Literally the post is:
    "Let's say that a person from Romania will or already have a blog".

    second - "The site TBB. How is this ideea received/understand/perceived by the community"

    His post is strange as in, the 2 sentences have no conection, or i'm to stupid to see it.

    FYI -> i got to TBB blog, by the romanian post, but actually got to read this post today.


  7. Thank you, cip.

    Welcome to the blog. I'm glad you liked it enough to keep reading.


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