Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Poe's Law

Poe's Law? (Not to be confused with Cole's Law*)

Here are just a few true statistics. None of the facts have been changed. Let these be a warning to you.

1. Atheists are the least likely people in America to pray to God.

2. Most atheist do not attend church.

Stephen Hawking’s Latest Book Converting Lot of Atheists Into Believers
The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking’s latest book co-authored with physicist Leonard Mlodinow, is turning a lot of atheists/agnostics into believers, finds KBNN. An Internet based survey conducted by Rbit Analytics, an affiliated body of KBNN, has found that the book has profoundly shaken the disbelief of atheists, and toppled a lot of atheists/agnostics into believing in the God hypothesis.

*sliced cabbage

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