Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (famous scientist edition)

the stupid! it burns! People the Atheists WON'T Tell You About !
Now , whether the below individuals were TRULY Saved or not , ONLY God and them know . But , my point is , that , unlike some atheists of today , they were intellectually honest enough to concede the possibility of a Creator , and I , for one , respect them for their honesty .
Zzzzzz. Almost all atheists concede the possibility of a creator. Anything's possible, which makes possibility uninteresting. Also, one of the people the atheists supposedly "WON'T" tell you about (Einstein) features prominently in The God Delusion.

It’s Official: Atheists are Deliberately Ignorant, Truth-hating, Hypocrites – Extreme atheist fails
Think atheists can be good? Wonder why atheists are the most hated and mistrusted group? Here’s a little of the endless evidence as to why atheists should be locked up in insane asylums: ...

“why not think Harry Potter is real, there are millions who think god is real and thats just rediculous” from “Atheist Princess”.
Atheist Princess represents herself as 14-17 years old. From now on I'll have to exclude Knight on the Ann Coulter rule (too easy).

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