Monday, September 20, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (student loan edition)

the stupid! it burns! I'm seeing a lot of egregious stupidity on what appear to be single-topic forums. This latest example is from Student Loan Zone, with a .cc domain (Cocos (Keeling) Islands). The New Atheists and Their Recent Attacks
Dawkins has been quoted as saying that Christians have no right to raise their children as Christians*. It is a new overt assault on our faith. This new surge of atheistic zeal is really a form of secular fundamentalism.

I define a fundamentalist as anyone who is deeply committed to the basic or fundamental doctrines of his or her faith. I consider myself a Christian fundamentalist.

The atheistic fundamentalists are deeply committed to the belief that life formed by accidental collisions of atoms and death causes the ending of consciousness. Not surprisingly, they are deeply committed to evolution as an explanation of origins. ...

The rejection of God and of God's morality because of Darwinism brought the rise of communism and fascism as atheist political philosophies. (Though Nazism was technically an occultic system it was heavily influenced by evolution based racial theories.) ...

As evolution and its implicit atheism is taught in taxpayer funded schools it has caused the secularization of society. The schools turn out many scruffy, ill-mannered people with no moral compass, guided only by their base, animal appetites.

*The quotation from Dawkins is "[W]e should no more allow parents to teach their children to believe in the literal truth of the Bible than we should allow parents to knock their children's teeth out. [emphasis added]"

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