Saturday, January 21, 2012

Money for nothin'

For five years, I've been putting out some decent stuff — or so I think — here at The Barefoot Bum. I've never asked for anything before, but I have become an impoverished college student. So, if you like the content, feel free to buy me a book. Thanks!


  1. Larry, resorting to capitalism? Shame.

  2. Pshaw. :-) Trade is not capitalism. Capitalism is private, absentee ownership of industrial means of production. I'm much closer to anarchism here.

  3. Are these for class or just for pleasure or both?

  4. They're for pleasure. I get financial aid for my textbooks.

  5. Some of the books you have listed are the kindle edition. Just mentioning it because you have a kindle listed at the bottom of your wish list, just underneath the super hero buttons & pins(!!).

    When I bought my kindle, I stole about 4000 ebooks in a single torrent download. If I liked the book, then I bought it locally in paperback because I would rather support my local book store than who sometimes charge more for the kindle version than for the paperback version.

  6. Yes, I already have a Kindle. However, my girlfriend (who also put the superhero buttons on the list) tends to... borrow... it.

    I put the Kindle version of a book on my wishlist only if it's substantially cheaper than other versions.

    I don't think Amazon is a terrific company. Oh well; I still have to live in the world. If you're uncomfortable working with Amazon, I understand completely.

  7. Here's the "Ludwig von Mises, The Theory of Money and Credit [1912]" as a free library downloadable ebook :-

    It seems legal and legit.

    It's also available for free from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. I don't know how Amazon is getting away with selling it.

  8. The "Reflections on violence (1915)" by Georges Sorel

    Also looks legit and legal.Downloadable in various formats.

  9. "The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won't Tell You, Selected Works of Frederic Bastiat" and
    "The Law" are also freely downloadable from google books and the Mises Institute.

    A free condensed version of "The Road to Serfdom" is downloadable from a few places. I don't know how condensed the book is but it's better than nothing.

    The remainding authors expect us to actually hand over money for their work. Outrageous!

    ( Books really are post-scarcity. It's a pity a lot of people are not bothering to read anymore. )


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