Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (yet another omniscience edition)

the stupid! it burns! Atheists Must Be Divine!
Dr. Chalmers discuss this saying,
"To be able to assert that there is no God, we must walk the whole expanse of infinity, and ascertain by observation that no evidence of God exists anywhere. Grant that with the narrow limits of our observation no traces or vestiges of Deity be found, does it follow that throughout all immensity a Being, with the essence and sovereignty of a God, is nowhere to be found?

Yes, God might me hiding behind the couch. Ho hum.


  1. Sure. A being with the essence and sovereignty can only be found if you know just where to look for him and you tip toe up behind him as quietly as can be.

  2. But did they eliminate all other religions that way to get to the "TRUE' one?? No of course not so again that makes them a bunch of hypocrites.
    Also WE do not have to prove that g0d does not exist absolutely no where. It is up to them to prove he does using observable, testable evidence.
    And to date NOTHING has shown that g0d does anything substantial (making a long pass in football is NOT substantial) so the default position should be to not believe.
    But as we all know delusion, not love, is the greatest power.


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