Monday, January 09, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (kitchen sink edition)

the stupid! it burns! In Atheism's DISTURBING Doctrines and tenets... plus videos!, P. P. Simmons offers everything in the realm of the stupid but the kitchen sink. Some highlights:
Atheists repeatedly deny that atheism is a religion. That is a classic delusion. ...

Since atheism teaches that humans are nothing more than animals, it would be completely acceptable for one human being to eat another if it was a matter of life and death. ...

At least one atheist with whom I had extensive conversations with, publicly lamented his own personal use of painkillers and antibiotics because he felt he was doing a disservice to the religious doctrine of evolution. By keeping himself alive he felt he was hindering the process of natural selection and he wished he could sacrifice himself to the process rather than artificially maintain his existence. ...

The apologists of Atheism use incredibly harsh tactics to put unbelievers in their place. They use their time in indoctrination mills to nurse from the breast of elitism and embrace the illusion of intellectual superiority while ingesting the talking points they will later use on people like me. ...

These apparent [atheist] victories are signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ to the earth. It is part of the "strong delusion" and "great falling away" that must happen before His coming. ...

The key word in that entire definition [of liberalism] is the word "unrestricted". Atheists want to live without moral or social boundaries dictated to them by a greater moral authority. In their defeated minds God doesn't exist so his statutes are meaningless. ...

The doctrine of liberalism has led to the modern holocaust of abortion, the destruction of the traditional family, the enslavement of the entire western world due to liberal governing practices leading to unfair taxation, and the degradation of the human condition due to the removal of the restrictions that kept us intact. ...

What would I do if I was faced with the choice of starvation or cannibalism*? That choice will never be a part of my life. In my existential paradigm, there is always the God option. I would pray. I would expect one of three or more or a combination of things to happen. Either God would rescue me out of the predicament or He would provide me with food to eat or probably a combination of both. A third option would be a supernatural sustaining of the body until help arrives. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Death for the Christian is a sweet release. [emphasis added]
*Simmons seems to have a big hangup about cannibalism.

And just when you thought it couldn't get stupider, along come commenter Piltdown Superman with this gem: Atheists, according to Piltdown, "pretend that they are the brightest bulbs in the cutlery drawer."

(via Alex B.)


  1. Paragraph#1-Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! & there aint even a pot!
    Paragraph#2-Of course why do you think there is a law against cannibalism? With the price of meat these days would you trust your neighbor?
    Paragraph#3-I wish he had cut his wrists. With stupid that intense we need to eliminate his genes from the pool.
    Paragraph#4-I'm very sorry someone thought you were delusional.
    Paragraph#5-Well with atheists at 16% of the population you still have a long wait to go before Cheeses returns.
    Paragraph#6-Sorry but in #4 above we were wrong. Comments like this indicate you are stupid.
    Paragraph#7-You are even more stupid then #6 above as all those points where done by the religiously guided conservatives. Of course the cowardly liberals did not try very hard to stop it either.
    Paragraph#8-I do not believe. Your are lying through your delusion. Drop you on the Andes and within 3 days you would be first in line for some Soylent Green. Cuz if it was such a sweet release then why do you try so hard to stay alive.
    And finally to Piltdown, "(atheist)pretend that they are the brightest bulbs in the cutlery drawer." But unlike the religious we don't try to pretend that we are the brightest in ALL the drawers.

  2. What's especially funny about Piltdown is the mixed metaphor.

    1. Mixed metaphors are what life is about.


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