Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (16 things edition)

the stupid! it burns! 16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know is definitely not stupid. I include it  because 90% of the stupidity I highlight here comes when some Christian (and occasionally Muslim) does not understand one or more of these points. Add in the Establishment Clause (the prohibition on the government establishing a religion is in the Constitution precisely to exempt individual decisions from the will of the majority) and you get 99% of the stupid.

To paraphrase:
  1. "Atheists are atheists"
  2. Don't capitalize "atheist"
  3. We're not angry at God
  4. Deep down, we're still atheists
  5. "'You're such a nice person! I can't believe you're an atheist!' is not a compliment'
  6. There really are atheists in foxholes
  7. "How can our lives have any purpose without God? One word: chocolate."
  8. We're not going to believe "just in case"
  9. Let's dispense with the questions we both know are stupid
  10. We didn't "turn our backs" on God
  11. Yes, we've heard about Jesus
  12. You won't miss us when you get to heaven
  13. Yes, we know we can't prove there's no God
  14. Yes, we can be moral without God
  15. Either you're a member of a persecuted minority or you're part of the dominant majority. Pick one.
  16. Christianity used to be a persecuted minority; now that you're in the majority, how do you want to treat other minorities?
There will be a quiz on this every Tuesday.


  1. Wow! I JUST posted that article myself. Love it. I've been fighting this bullshit my entire life. It's amusing how people can't see past their own hypocrisy.

  2. Love the list and I take it you too are a fan of that awesome song 'Cows With Guns' :)

  3. I take it you too are a fan of that awesome song 'Cows With Guns' :)

    Of course. Isn't every communist?

  4. That list is pretty good. I've gotten face palm rash on more than one occassion on account of the items on that list.

  5. I wish No. 15 would somehow get through to them.


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