Thursday, February 15, 2007

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't call myself a "liberal" anymore. I just can't keep interested in politics.

I'll probably still continue to vote Democratic, mostly because the Republicans have really let the slave quarters go to seed. The Democrats aren't about to end slavery, oh no! that would be much too extremist, but I'm pretty confident they're going to spring for a fresh coat of paint on the old slave cabin--maybe even a nice shrubbery. And hey, if I'm doomed to live as a slave, a nice coat of paint couldn't hurt. Also, I like the Democratic idea of painting flowers and upbeat slogans on the bombs we drop on the brown people. Who doesn't like flowers!?

I don't have Arthur Silber's passion. I don't have Noam Chomsky's scholarship. I don't even have The Rude Pundit's talent for scatology.

I'm going to continue to write about philosophy just because I like writing about philosophy. As far as politics go, I'm giving up until we're ready to start manning the barricades; at that point y'all can count me in.

Go Reds! Smash State!

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